KFC China releases Christmas-themed Hello Kitty bucket & train set, can be purchased online in S'pore

The train set also features My Melody, Hello Kitty's best friend.

Zi Shan Kow | December 27, 2021, 06:03 PM

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Hello Kitty fans have yet another merchandise to add to their collection.

KFC China has released a Hello Kitty bucket and toy train set for Christmas, which is also available for purchase on online.

Image by 拾圆李美丽/Weibo.

Hello Kitty bucket

The bucket is pastel pink with a quintessential Hello Kitty red bow adorned with the letter "K" and a layer of snow along the rim.

The merch, big enough to fit a KFC bucket, can also come in handy for storing all your other knick-knacks.

Image by KFC China.

The handle of the bucket is also adjustable for your convenience.

Image by 王小迪Cindy/Weibo.

Playable Hello Kitty train set

The Hello Kitty train set is made up of three parts that are sold separately.

The first section features Hello Kitty as the conductor on a My Melody themed train.

The locomotive toy can be wound up, activating the train to move and play music while Hello Kitty waves her hands.

Image by KFC China.

Image by 爱吃土豆的郝丫头/Weibo.

The middle section of the train has Hello Kitty and her best friend, My Melody, on a seesaw, which also moves up and down when the toy is wound up.

Image by KFC China.

Image by 爱吃土豆的郝丫头/Weibo.

At the tail end of the train is a slot machine toy.

The candy cane acts as a lever that spins the reels and plays music.

Image by KFC China.

Image by 爱吃土豆的郝丫头/Weibo.

When assembled, this is how the train looks:

Image by 王小迪Cindy/Weibo.

Video via Shopee.

Where to buy

While the Hello Kitty train set and bucket are not available in Singapore's KFC outlets, they can be found on Shopee.

The items are currently on sale, with individual items ranging from S$30 to S$40, and the complete train set at S$75.

There are also plenty of listings on Taobao, which ships directly from China.

Another Hello Kitty thing:

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Top image by 拾圆李美丽/Weibo.