JJ Lin ‘absolutely loves’ coriander & other foodie things we learnt from our interview with him

Things you never knew about the Mandopop singer.

Mandy How | December 01, 2021, 03:22 PM

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It is no secret that JJ Lin can cook.

But not many know that the Mandopop singer actually started in the kitchen as early as his primary school days, where he would make sushi for his recess.

"Learnt it from my grandaunt who married a Japanese, and she used to make the best sushi!" the 40-year-old told Mothership.

In fact, Lin loves sushi so much that it's his choice of dish if he could only eat one thing for the rest of his life.

"Because my childhood is filled with overflowing memories of me and my grandaunt and god grandparents, as we used to visit Japan every spring season since I was a little boy," he explained.

The self-professed food addict is one of the guests Christopher Lee's upcoming entertainment programme, "Dishing with Chris Lee".

Together with celebs like Lin, Hong Junyang, Chen Hanwei, and Rebecca Lim, Lee will take viewers through the era he grew up in in the show, as well as touch on topics of food and lifestyle.

When asked to rate Lee's cooking, Lin gave it a very safe "10 out of 10". Nothing to dish out here.

But it's more than the food for Lin—the project has allowed him to catch up with Lee and Hong (Junyang), with whom he is good friends.

"It’s hard to find good friendships in this day and age, and I’m glad we were able to confide in each other even while doing a shoot," Lin said.

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Seeing that food features predominantly on the show, we decided to ask Lin a couple more questions on the theme.

On #TeamCoriander

Turns out, Lin is firmly on the side of #TeamCoriander.

"I absolutely love coriander, I can take it fresh, on its own! Only this I cannot take—tomatoes. Everything else is fine! Tomatoes have a metallic, bloody taste that puts me off!"

Is steak is his signature dish?

"Yes, I’d like to believe I grill the best steak! But that’s about everything I can manage so far, though I think I’d be secretly training to cook more dishes in the not so distant future! And I won’t be revealing any plans yet, until I feel I have mastered the dishes! Just like how I treat my music!"

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Favourite food growing up

"I’m a food addict! Everything from burgers and fries, to salad without sauce, and the best local zhi char! I’ve always been exploring new dishes and food styles, and I think I can even write a book on all my experiences with my favourite food places. The thing about childhood memories connected to food, is that I’d have to take you there in order for the sharing to be meaningful and complete!"

"Dishing with Chris Lee"《阿顺有煮意》will air on meWATCH and Channel 8 in April 2022.

Top image via JJ Lin's Instagram page