HK singer Jenny Tseng, 68, criticises Lee Jinglei for being 'ruthless' & not knowing when to stop

She also expressed her displeasure at the non-stop coverage of the entire saga on TV.

Lean Jinghui | December 26, 2021, 04:14 PM

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The post-divorce battle between Wang Leehom and ex-wife Lee Jinglei has been messy, to say the least.

According to Taiwanese media The Liberty Times, veteran Hongkong singer Jenny Tseng, 68, recently took to social media to criticise Lee for being "ruthless" in her exposé, and expressed her displeasure at the non-stop coverage of the entire saga.

"Doesn't know when to stop"

In her post, Tseng wrote that Lee had made her understand the phrase "women are the most ruthless," adding that it appeared that if Lee was second at this, no one would be first.

She lamented of the constant coverage she was hit with whenever she turned on the television: "The pandemic has already made everyone so gloomy, can't we have shows that are more festive?"

Tseng critiqued of Lee:

"[She] doesn’t even possess any basic humanity. What was her education for then? Does she not know how to write the word ‘stop’? Highly educated, don’t make me laugh.”

Tseng's remarks differ greatly from the general sentiment of many netizens, who have lauded Lee for her "well-written" posts and expressed their support for her.

According to Chinese media, Lee was born in Taiwan, but had reportedly studied in Ivy league institutions such as Princeton University for her Bachelor's and Columbia University for her doctoral degree.

Enough is enough

Lee's actions were "sickening", as it trampled on the sympathy and compassion of others, Tseng continued.

She said: "I believe that retribution will eventually arrive."

"If you're full of complaints, then go live on another planet, it’s already tough enough here, enough is enough!"

Several netizens appeared to agree with Tseng after her post, and expressed that they hoped Lee would draw a close to the chapter.

Lee has not responded to Tseng's post at the time of writing.

On Dec. 23, Lee had penned a final letter explaining the intentions behind her actions, and apologised for causing a disturbance on the Internet.

She hoped that the letter would "properly mark an end to the persisting disturbance and let everyone resume their peaceful lives."

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