Jacky Wu asks authorities to impose heavy penalty on son, who was caught smoking marijuana

His son claimed to be unaware that he was smoking the drug.

Karen Lui | December 28, 2021, 06:36 PM

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On Dec. 26, Taiwanese television host Jacky Wu shared a social media post, expressing his guilt for failing to teach his son well.

The post follows news reports that his youngest child, 23-year-old Ricky Wu, was caught allegedly smoking marijuana in the wee hours of Dec. 26.

Wu has also called on authorities to dole out a heavy sentence to Ricky, who is also known by his stage name, LucyPIE.

Father's fault for not teaching child

The post was shared on both Wu's Instagram and Facebook with a black and white selfie of himself wearing sunglasses and a mask attached.

It says:

"When the child is not taught well, it's the father's fault

Raising and teaching [the child] is the responsibility that we have to bear as parents......

Where the law is concerned, morality is the most fundamental standard

I implore the judge to dole out a heavy sentence

The most unforgivable mistake is: Foolishness.

Ashamed as his father! No one else to blame but myself!"

You can read the original post in Chinese here:

What happened

At around 1:30am on Dec. 26, police officers on patrol had encountered Ricky smoking a cigarette outside RUFF Nightclub located in the Xinyi district of Taipei.

According to United Daily News (UDN), they had caught a whiff of marijuana while passing through the area, and approached the singer for a check before taking him back to the police station for investigations.

The cigarette was confirmed to be marijuana, and Ricky was placed under the suspicion of drug charges that afternoon.

He was transferred to the Taipei District Prosecutor's Office for further investigation to track down the source of the drug, with his bail was set at RMB 100,000 (~S$21,256), TVBS reported.

At around 3pm, Wu and daughter Sandy Wu's assistant, went down to the station to bail him out.

Unaware that it was marijuana

Ricky had visited the nightclub on the night of Dec. 25 and met an unknown man.

After chatting, the two went to Songgao Road near the nightclub to smoke.

The man handed him a cigarette, which Ricky apparently lighted without suspecting anything.

The man subsequently left, leaving Ricky alone to continue smoking when officers on patrol passed by for a check.

Ricky emphasised that he was not aware that the cigarette contained marijuana.

The singer was slated to release a new album on Dec. 29, before this case.

According to Apple Daily, Wu was so angry that he announced that the press conference for Ricky's latest album would be "cancelled".

However, Ricky's agency, Easy C&C, which was founded by Wu, later released a statement, saying that the press conference will go on as planned, albeit to make an apology instead of launching an album.

The album trailer that Ricky shared a week ago reportedly cost NTD 1.5 million (~S$73,447) to shoot and the total production costs for the album is estimated to exceed NTD 5 million (~S$244,825).

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Cannabis in Taiwan

Cannabis is classified as a Category 2 narcotic under the Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act in Taiwan.

Persons convicted of using Category two narcotics can face up to a three-year imprisonment.

2018 bomb threat controversy

This is not the first time Ricky has hit the news for controversial behaviour, especially when he was about to release a new album.

In 2018, the singer who was 19 years old then had shared an post on his private Instagram page, threatening to bomb Taipei City Hall if his girlfriend's illness did not improve.

The post was uploaded on to a popular online forum where it went viral, which triggered an investigation by the Taipei Police Department.

The press conference at that time was meant to promote his new album, but became an announcement for Ricky's departure from showbiz.

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