Christmas event in Yishun has mini-excavator rides, bouncy castle & old school childhood games for kids

Where children and children at heart can enjoy a tropical Christmas.

Zi Shan Kow | December 14, 2021, 01:14 PM

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Operating a tiny excavator is fun.

Here's a chance for you and your child to scratch that itch.

Diggersite, in collaboration with non-profit organisation Ground-up Initiative (GUI), is holding an "Multicultural Christmas in Nature" event for children aged two to 12 in December.

The Christmas event invites families to celebrate the holiday season with experiential nature play, while learning about different cultures around the world.

Diggersite rides

Not to be missed are Diggersite's three different construction vehicle rides.

There is an excavator for a pile of sand with hidden treasures, a demolition machine for knocking down miniature "buildings" while avoiding trees, as well as a log grapple machine for clearing debris.

Image by Diggersite.

Each ride is timed to be five minutes long, and the capacity of the venue is carefully managed, so the queue is short and the wait is not too long.

Meanwhile, this is the best photo opportunity for the little ones on the stationary excavators in their construction attire: a safety vest and hard hat.

Hard hat MIA. Image by Kow Zi Shan.

For younger kids, they can sit with their caretakers on the ride -- and honestly, operating a kid-sized excavator is pretty thrilling, even for adults.

Like a giant claw machine. Video by Kow Zi Shan.

Free play area

What is a construction site but a huge sand pit?

The sand pit is filled with construction toys and vehicles for your child's entertainment, and also a good spot for caretakers to rest their legs and take a break.

Image by Diggersite.

If your child doesn't dig the sandpit, they would love the bouncy castle, which, in line with the whole construction theme, is in the shape of a skid loader.

Image by Diggersite.

Multi-cultural games and craft activities

The event also features several booths for a wide variety of familiar old-school games -- if you want to see how far you would go in a Singaporean Squid Game.

Here, you and your child can indulge a game of marbles, five stones, or try your hand at spinning gasing, a traditional Malay top.

Image by Kow Zi Shan.

Image by Kow Zi Shan.

Kids playing Parchisi, an Indian traditional game. Image by Diggersite.

There are also three add-on craft activities organised by GUI: cookie decorating, crafting a toy car with recycled wood, and personalising your own tea light holder.

Photo by GUI.

Drilling a hole for a wooden toy car. Image by Diggersite.

Photo by GUI.

More activities in the area

Diggersite is located next to Singapore's only live turtle and tortoise museum, and is surrounded by unfettered nature, including a shallow lake.

Exploring the area, there were guinea pigs and chickens for feeding, as well as a pet fish store, and even a glamping site.

It's also worth taking a look around the GUI community space to get a feel of kampung life, and check out their other fun kid-friendly activities for the young ones to get closer to nature.

Image by Kow Zi Shan.

Diggersite @ ORTO

Address: 91 Lor Chencharu, Singapore 769201

Dates: 18 & 19, 25 & 26 Dec 2021

Timings: 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm

Price: S$25 per child, S$10 per accompanying adult

Add-on GUI craft activities: S$10 per activity, S$25 for a bundle of three

Book tickets for the event here.

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Top images by Diggersite.