S'pore actress Cynthia Koh hits back at haters who shamed her for her revealing dress

She mentioned how maintaining one's figure at 47 requires a lot of "discipline and commitment".

Karen Lui | December 07, 2021, 06:16 PM

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Singaporean actress Cynthia Koh is not letting her age or haters stop her from dressing however she likes.

And she's not afraid to say so.

At the Asian Academy Creative Awards (AAA's) 2021 on Dec. 3, the 47-year-old flaunted her figure on the red carpet in a dark blue Michael Kors dress.

Besides the cutout details on the front and sides of the dress, it boasted a low neckline and high thigh slits.

Unfortunately, her fashion choice did not sit well with a few netizens who lambasted the artiste for not dressing her age, including one that called her a "grandmother".

Here is the dress in question:

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Photo via Cynthia Koh's Instagram page.

Photo via Cynthia Koh's Instagram page.

Encourages women who 'have it' to 'flaunt it'

On Dec. 4, the actress posted an Instagram Story in response to the criticism she received. A screenshot of the Instagram Story was shared by 8 World.

"If your grandmother is as hot and sexy and can carry the outfit well, please wear it," she wrote.

She also mentioned how losing weight and maintaining one's figure at the age of 47 requires a lot of "discipline and commitment".

Koh ended her message by encouraging all women who "have it to flaunt it" if they "can look classy" and reminding them that "the great curves . . . don't last forever" so "milk it while it lasts".

'My Star Bride'

At the AAA's, Koh represented Singapore as the National Winner for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her role in the hit Channel 8 television series "My Star Bride".

Chantalle Ng, who appeared on the show with Koh, had left an encouraging message on Koh's Instagram post.

However, a netizen misinterpreted her choice of words, "lao jie jie" (which translates to "old sister"), as an insult, and was quick to defend the veteran actress.

Koh subsequently clarified that it is a term of endearment between the two artistes, suggesting that she takes no offence at it.

Screenshot via Cynthia Koh's Instagram page.

The hit television series will be remade as a telemovie, which will air on Feb. 1, 2022.

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