Character in American animated sitcom 'Archer' shouts '1 Bukit Batok Street 25', a real address

A condo in Bukit Batok got an international shoutout.

Jane Zhang | December 04, 2021, 11:43 AM

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The little red dot that is Singapore has made its way into popular culture overseas once again, this time in an episode of the adult animated sitcom "Archer".

And some netizens found it amusing that a very specific location was mentioned in the episode — no, not the Merlion, not Marina Bay Sands, but rather, the address 1 Bukit Batok Street 25.

Address is the location of Parkview Apartments

"Archer" is an animated sitcom that follows the story of Sterling Archer, a womanising and selfish secret agent, together with his colleagues at a dysfunctional intelligence agency.

The majority of episode seven of season 12 takes place in Singapore, as the team heads there to look for information about a mysterious stranger, Colt, who has lost much of his memory.

Suddenly, after a series of electric shocks, Colt suddenly exclaims that he remembers his address:

"1 Bukit Batok Street 25, Singapore, 658882! That's my address. I lived here!"

via Netflix.

The address is the location of the condominium Parkview Apartments.

via Google Maps Street View.

The team then heads over to the address to investigate further, and this is what the inside of his home there apparently looked like:

via Netflix.

"Damn, my rent is S$12,000 per month?", Colt asked in shock as he read a rent notice he found in his old home.

A check on PropertyGuru shows that there are individual common rooms being rented out in Parkview Apartments starting from S$1,100 per month.

Singaporeans amused by mention of address

TikToker Joie Tan (@joie.tan) shared a clip of the episode in a video, reacting with a confused and shocked look on her face.

"[W]hy did Archer just reference my childhood home address?????", she wrote.

@joie.tan It’s cool enough they featured Singapore but my old address??????? #archer #please #explain #idk ♬ What the Fuck - RHODAMINE

Several other people also commented that they lived at or near that address.

In a follow-up comment, Tan stated that she has messaged the writer of the episode to find out if the address has any significance, such as if the writers had lived there too.

The writer has since replied the TikToker and wrote: "I don't remember exactly what my thinking was as far as looking in that particular neighbourhood, but I do remember wanting to include some authentic details and looking at how addresses are listed there."

Here's the clip from the episode, with sound:

@joie.tan Reply to @noimnoteuan ♬ original sound - Joie Tan

Some commenters also poked fun at the way that Colt pronounces "Bukit Batok".

Screenshot from TikTok / @joie.tan.

Screenshot from TikTok / @joie.tan.

Screenshot from TikTok / @joie.tan.

Screenshot from TikTok / @joie.tan.

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Top photos via Netflix and TikTok / @joie.tan.