Who is Rebecca Lim's mystery fiancé?

Here's what we know.

Joshua Lee | November 16, 2021, 06:03 PM

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Singapore actress Rebecca Lim announced her engagement on November 15, but left out one small detail — the identity of her soon-to-be husband.

Here's what we know.

Lim told 8 Days that her 35-year-old fiancé does not work in the entertainment industry (in fact, he had to look her up on Wikipedia).

He is a Singaporean who works in corporate branding. Lianhe Wanbao reported that he holds the position of an assistant vice president of the corporate brand management department in a large local company.

Rebecca Lim/Instagram

The two were introduced by a family friend earlier this year.

Lim told 8 Days that her fiancé is someone who is "very secure and very stable".

Both Lim and her fiancé are the same age. Lim said to 8 Days that both approached the relationship with "utmost honesty and no pretence," and without any "mind games".

Rebecca Lim/Instagram

The man apparently has a fondness for '80s music. His Instagram page, reported Wanbao, has many photos of him jamming on the guitar and drums.

The Chinese daily added that Lim's fiancé is of mixed parentage. His father is English, while his mother is Chinese.

Lim revealed to Wanbao that her fiancé is similar to her in personality: Introverted, mature, stable, and confident.

Both also love their families, which Lim said was important to her. Most of their dates were held at each other's homes and through them, she found that he got along very well with her family.

Rumoured ex-boyfriend wishes Lim well

In somewhat related news, Lim's engagement apparently triggered rumoured ex-boyfriend actor Ian Fang to post cryptic Instagram posts and stories which were subsequently deleted.

Lim told Wanbao that she informed Fang (and other friends and colleagues) about the engagement before she announced it on Instagram.

When the Chinese paper contacted Fang, he said that he wishes her well:

"I hope that the guy can bring her happiness. He has attained the best girl in the world. Don't bully her, please help her as much as you can. The entertainment industry is unlike any other, I hope the other party can be accommodating."

Fang also remarked that he would hold the other party accountable if the latter does not treat Lim well.

Top image credit: Rebecca Lim/Instagram

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