Jia Jia celebrates her cub's 100th day with special feast of bamboo shoots & carrots

A short break from her motherly duties.

Low Jia Ying | November 22, 2021, 12:08 PM

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River Wonders' giant panda mum Jia Jia was treated to a special feast of bamboo shoots and carrots yesterday (Nov. 21) to mark the 100th day of her cub's birth.

Her panda cub, whose name will be revealed soon, hit a milestone on Nov. 19, by taking its first steps just shy of its 100th day on earth.

Festive banner

A banner with the number "100" was put up in her enclosure, adorned with her "favourite" bamboo shoots and carrots.

Jia Jia reaching for bamboo shoots on the banner. Video courtesy of Mandai Wildlife Group.

Jia Jia taking a moment to enjoy her treats.

Another surprise awaited Jia Jia as she returned to her den -- a heart-shaped icy block infused with honey.

Jia Jia eagerly lapped up the icy treat.

Cub weighs 6.36kg

While Jia Jia enjoyed some time on her own, the panda care team took the opportunity to bring in her panda cub for his weigh-in.

At 100 days, the panda cub weighs 6.36kg.

It weighed "a little over 6kg" in its last update on Nov. 19.

His name will be revealed in December, and he is expected to join the public exhibit in early 2022.

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All photos courtesy of the Mandai Wildlife Group