Waterway Point Koufu diners paste dine-in stickers on escalator handle instead of designated board

The OP urged diners to spare a thought for elderly cleaners who have to remove the stickers.

Low Jia Ying | October 01, 2021, 01:38 PM

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Despite a board provided by Koufu at Waterway Point for dine-in customers to paste their vaccination stickers, one shopper noticed some diners have been pasting them on the mall's escalator handle instead.

Photo via Matthew L. Tan/FB.

In a Facebook post on Sep. 30, the shopper asked diners to spare a thought for the "poor cleaners" who will have much difficulties scrubbing the stickers off the rubber handles of the escalators.

He added that Koufu had conveniently placed a board "right outside" for diners to paste their stickers after leaving.

Photo via Matthew L. Tan/FB.

Although many diners have opted to paste their stickers on the designated board, it is clear that some have chosen to paste them on the mall's escalators instead.

These stickers are likely given to diners to indicate that they are vaccinated, and therefore allowed to dine-in at the premises.

Cleaners work "overtime" to remove stickers

A commenter shared their father's experience as a cleaner who "always" has to work overtime to remove the stickers, adding that it is a daily occurrence that he has to deal with.

The cleaner was also told off by some diners when he reminded them to dispose of the stickers properly.

"Inconsiderate" diners

Commenters have also expressed how thoughtless such an act is.

Some also suggested that the stickers should be banned, just as how the sale of chewing gum was banned because of the nuisance it caused to public facilities.

The stickers are used to differentiated diners from those who enter the same premises to take away food. However, a few commenters questioned if such stickers are necessary:


Not the first time

The problem of stickers being pasted indiscriminately on escalators is not a new one.

In February this year, a photo of an escalator connecting Tan Tock Seng Hospital to Novena MRT covered in visitor stickers was widely circulated, sparking the same discussion on civic-mindedness in Singapore.

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Top photos via Matthew L. Tan/FB