S'pore River Wonders' panda cub is now over 4kg, requires bigger weighing tray

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Zhangxin Zheng | October 28, 2021, 09:17 AM

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Panda fans, here's a Hi-5 from Jia Jia's baby boy, who is now slightly over two months old.

"Yay, call me a cutie even though that's not my name." Photo courtesy of Mandai Wildlife Group.

The first panda cub born in River Wonders (previously known as River Safari) has amazed fans with his astounding growth in such a short timeframe.

In a recent video posted by Mandai Wildlife Group, Jia Jia continues to impress with her parenting skills as a first-time mum.

The cub also looks bigger as Jia Jia had to use both limbs to hold or adjust the cub while cleaning.

Video via Mandai Wildlife Group.

Just weeks ago, Jia Jia was still able to pick the cub up with a gentle bite and the keeper was able to slide him out of the enclosure gap.

In response to Mothership's queries, the Mandai Wildlife Group shared that the panda cub, currently without a name, weighed 4.18kg as of Oct. 22 (last Friday).

He has a body length of 52cm (till base of the tail) and 59.5cm (till the end of the tail).

The girth of his chest is 40cm and the girth of his abdomen is 44.5cm.

Photo courtesy of Mandai Wildlife Group.

Photo courtesy of Mandai Wildlife Group.

The panda cub now requires a bigger weighing tray as compared to before.

You may also notice he has the same onion head as his dad, Kai Kai, and the "crop top" black marking like his mum, Jia Jia.

Photo courtesy of Mandai Wildlife Group.

According to tradition, pandas are given their name within the first 100 days of birth.

We can look forward to the revelation of the name of Jia Jia's son soon as it's been 75 days since he was born.

Earlier in September, Mandai Wildlife Group called upon members of the public to suggest some names for the baby boy.

The open call for name suggestions ended on Sep. 19.

Recap on how fast the panda cub grows:

All images courtesy of Mandai Wildlife Group.