S'pore-born panda cub weighs 1.5kg, looks like mini-version of parents Jia Jia & Kai Kai

It's such a QT3.14.

Zhangxin Zheng | September 15, 2021, 06:00 PM

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Singapore's first panda cub is slightly past one month old and he is looking more like a miniature version of his parents Jia Jia and Kai Kai.

This was how he looked around two weeks ago, all pinkish and raw:

Now at day 33, he is a floof with white fur and has distinct black markings around his body and eyes.

Photo of panda cub shared by Speaker Tan Chuan Jin on Sep. 10.

Photo of panda cub shared by Speaker Tan Chuan Jin on Sep. 10.

Screenshot via WRS's YouTube.

Like mother like son, aye?

These days, the curious little one can be seen crawling or resting on the ground near panda mum Jia Jia occasionally.

Screenshot via WRS's YouTube.

But "super mum" Jia Jia does not leave her son alone for too long.

You would observe her picking him up and cuddling him in various positions via the daily panda cam uploads which has come to an end after a month.

Screenshot via WRS's YouTube.

Besides feeling the hunger pangs, Jia Jia is feeling more of the weight of her little one recently, which could be why she needed occasional breaks from mummy duties.

First weigh-in for panda cub

While Jia Jia was busy with breakfast in her maternity ward at River Safari on Sep. 15 morning, the panda care team took the opportunity to give her one-month cub his first weigh-in.

At 33 days old, the panda cub now weighs 1,504g.

This is more than seven times his initial weight at birth, which was estimated to be around 200g.

First weigh-in for panda cub on Day 33 since its birth. Photo courtesy of Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

According to WRS, this is a testament to Jia Jia's wonderful maternal skills as a first-time mum.

Open call for panda cub's name suggestions

The panda cub will turn 100 days old on Nov. 21 and it is a tradition for pandas to be named by then.

Members of the public are encouraged to suggest names for the panda cub from now till Sep. 19, 11:59pm.

The names should be catchy, easy to remember, reflecting characters with positive meanings or attributes, have relevance to Singapore heritage and culture as well as significance to the friendship between Singapore and China, WRS said.

Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin, who is also leading the judging panel for the naming process, updated on Sep. 12 that the public response to the open call was "pandamonium".

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Top image via WRS and Tan Chuan Jin/Facebook