Vic Chou praises Christopher Lee's professionalism in first collaboration on crime drama

They've met once at an awards ceremony and have heard of each other prior.

Karen Lui | September 17, 2021, 12:08 PM

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Having crossed paths with Christopher Lee at an awards ceremony once, Taiwanese actor Vic Chou had only heard of the Singapore-based actor but was unaware of how he was at work.

"Danger Zone", an original prison-themed series from streaming platform iQiyi, marks the first time both actors are working together on a production.

Photo from Danger Zone's Facebook page.

It is an action-packed crime thriller that also stars Taiwanese newcomer Berant Zhu.

Lee (left) with Zhu (right). Photo courtesy of iQiyi.

The scene of Zhu jumping off the bridge. Original video from Danger Zone's Facebook page.

Lee plays Chong-Hui Tang, a rash police captain with a potty mouth who "wants to capture all the bad guys in the world".

On the other hand, Chou describes his character, Yan-Dong Liang, as a "calm and persistent criminal psychologist" who has been imprisoned due to a violent abuse incident.

40-year-old Chou also shares about his experience of working with Lee at the press conference,

"As long as [Lee] is present at the scene, it would be filled with positive energy. Regardless if he was tired or not, he was able to share his positive energy with those around him."

Chou goes on to explain that initially they were split into two main sets for filming — the prison (where Chou was mostly doing shoots at) and the police station.

Lee at the police station set. Photo courtesy of iQiyi.

Photo courtesy of iQiyi.

He reveals with a hint of envy that he often heard from the staff members about how wild and lively the shoots at the police station were, while his scenes at the prison were more mellow and dark.

Lee (in the centre) with co-stars playing his teammates at the police station. Photo courtesy of iQiyi.

Chou also cites Lee as an example of an actor who demonstrates his wealth of acting experience through the portrayal of his characters.

Upon meeting Lee on set, Chou had already felt that Lee grasped the police officer character and carried it well, even without speaking.

Compliments exchanged

On his end, Lee confirmed that the first time he met Chou was at an awards ceremony and had heard of Chou since his F4 days.

According to Lee, Chou mostly stayed true to the impression that he had of him, and was "very introverted and well-behaved but have already matured a lot."

Chou (right) being attacked by a fellow inmate in prison. Photo courtesy of iQiyi.

He complimented the Taiwanese actor for his dedication to his role, even during break times, which discouraged Lee from bothering him.

Lee also noted that Chou's lines for his role were very difficult while shooting scenes with him and commended him for his efforts in delivering them well.

Chou at the prison set. Photo courtesy of iQiyi.

Lastly, as fathers of a child each, both actors shared that the first thing they would do after the pandemic is to take their child for a holiday.

Chou has a four-year-old daughter with wife, Taiwanese actress Reen Yu.

Lee has a six-year-old son, Zed Lee, with wife, Singaporean actress Fann Wong.

"Danger Zone" is now streaming on iQiyi in 10 subtitled languages.

Top images by iQiyi.

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