No-holds-barred review of Burger King S'pore X Deliveroo's new Korean-inspired burger & sides

The menu will be released exclusively via Deliveroo on Sep. 17 before its launch at Burger King outlets islandwide on Sep. 21.

Karen Lui | September 15, 2021, 06:14 PM

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Burger King has teamed up with Deliveroo on their latest Korean-inspired menu that will be first released exclusively for home delivery via Deliveroo on Sep. 17.

Deliveroo’s exclusive S$15 Bundle includes an Ultimate Cheesy Dynamite Tendercrisp, six-piece nuggets with BBQ sauce, a small coke and a New York Cheesecake Pie.

The menu items will be also be available ala carte at Burger King outlets islandwide from Sep. 21 onwards.

Dynamite sauce

The new line-up consisting of a burger and two sides features a "Korean ramyeon-inspired sauce".

Photo by Burger King Singapore.

As one of the few people in this world who has never tasted the hot chicken flavoured ramyeon popularised by Korean brand Samyang, which inspired the Fire Noodles challenge, it did not immediately register as Korean-inspired.

The sauce leans on the sweeter side, while packing a punch at the same time.

Sharp and almost painful, the spice builds and lingers on my tongue, and is not easily doused with water or the coke that the meal came with.

It slowly faded away with time but before that happened, my tongue remained on fire.


The Ultimate Cheesy Dynamite Tendercrisp Chicken burger (S$11.50) includes a fried spicy chicken patty, lettuce, Nacho cheese, American cheese, and the Korean ramyeon-inspired sauce.

Photo by Karen Lui.

When consumed with the burger, the spice is more palatable as other ingredients such as the Nacho cheese, American cheese, and lettuce helped to balance it out for more varied texture and taste.


Known as the Dynamite Shake (S$5.20), four Mexican Drumlets are also covered in Korean spicy sauce.

Photo by Burger King Singapore.

According to Burger King Singapore's press release, the diner can shake the plastic cup, which the drumlets were packed in, to ensure an even coat of the sauce on the meat.

The plastic cup it came with (left) and the drumlets (right). Photos by Karen Lui.

As I did not receive any prior instructions for the meal, I did not shake the bottle.

While you are free to shake the bottle, do note that the top of the lid has a hole so you may need to place a thumb over it while you shake to avoid potentially being splattered.

If you are not good with spice, I would suggest scraping off any excess sauce before consuming - a lesson I learned the hard way.

Photo by Karen Lui.

All I could taste and feel was the spice and the pain that came with it and the chicken felt like an afterthought.


The Cheesy Dynamite Nuggets (nine pieces for S$7.10) comes with two sauces - Nacho cheese and spicy Korean sauce.

Photo by Burger King Singapore.

The separation of the sauces from the nuggets gives the diner the freedom to decide how much sauce and how spicy they would prefer it to be - which is something I greatly appreciated after being assaulted by the spice earlier.

Photo by Karen Lui.

They can also choose to dip it in both sauces, similar to how the fries are served.

Photo by Karen Lui.


[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="4292"] Photo by Burger King Singapore.[/caption]

Unlike the nuggets, the Cheesy Dynamite Fries (S$3.80) was delivered with the sauces drizzled on them.

Photo by Karen Lui.

The Korean spicy sauce greatly overpowered the Nacho cheese sauce that I almost forgot that the latter was present. I would prefer more cheese sauce to help balance out the two sauces better but I'm not sure how much cheese sauce would be sufficient in achieving that balance.


Photo by Karen Lui.

If you are a fan of spicy food, especially the Samyang fire noodles and its sauces, you should give it a try.

As someone who appreciates Korean food but does not fancy torturing myself with spice, I would stick to the more conventional Korean yangnyeom chicken.

Weekly draw

Diners can also participate in a weekly draw whereby winners can stand a chance to win an iPhone 12, S$120 worth of Deliveroo vouchers or S$100 Burger King vouchers when they purchase any Dynamite Korean item.

In addition, Deliveroo customers get three additional chances to win.

SMS "BKSG<space>Name<space>Receipt number" to 9010 2322.

Top images by Karen Lui.

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