S'pore's daily Covid-19 cases might hit 3,200 next week at current infection rate: MOH

MOH has not ruled out the possibility of cases doubling even further if the infection rate continues at its current trajectory.

Fiona Tan | September 24, 2021, 06:31 PM

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The number of daily Covid-19 cases in Singapore is expected to hit 3,200 next week, the Ministry of Health (MOH) announced on Sep. 24.

3,200 cases expected in the next week

MOH said that the possibility of cases doubling even further cannot be ruled out, if the infection rate in Singapore continues at its current trajectory.

The surge in the daily number of Covid-19 cases, which began in the end of August 2021, has seen a rapid increase in the number of individuals with mild symptoms who seek medical attention at hospitals, when it might not be necessary.

MOH said that this has strained the overall healthcare and response system, and on Singapore's healthcare workers.

According to health minister Ong Ye Kung at a press conference on the same day, Singapore's healthcare system can cope with 2,000 to 3,500 cases before it reaches its threshold.

Recover from home for those who can

In response, MOH has advised fully vaccinated individuals aged between the ages of 12 to 69 and with mild Covid-19 symptoms to recover at home as it is the "most appropriate care management protocol".

According to MOH, there is no need for this group of individuals to be cared for in hospitals as they are less likely to fall severely ill.

Parents with unvaccinated and infected children between the ages of two to 11 may choose home recovery, after these children have been assessed by the hospital to be suitable for home recovery.

Community Care Facilities

In addition, MOH said that that care facilities will be ramped up in the coming weeks.

This is to make the best use of hospital facilities and beds, where hospitals will be allowed to care for seriously ill Covid-19 patients, who require close and specialised medical attention, such as oxygen supplementation and intensive care, and non-Covid-19 patients.

Patients who are asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic but present with co-morbidities and a risk of potentially developing severe illness, will be closely monitored at Community Treatment Facilities (CTFs).

According to MOH, CTFs are a "stepped up" version of Community Care Facilities, but with a higher level of medical care and more comprehensive coverage.

This is to ensure that the patients who are stable but at higher risk of serious illness are cared for with the appropriate level of medical manning and supporting equipment.

MOH said that these CTFs will be closely partnered with hospitals in Singapore, so that there will be seamless escalation protocols for these patients to be conveyed from the CTF to an acute hospital expeditiously for further treatment when necessary.

First Community Treatment Facility opened at Tampines

The first Community Treatment Facility (CTF) at Tampines opened on Sep. 23.

The facility has 250 beds and received its first patients at 11am on Sep. 23.

The facility is staffed with more medical and nursing manpower, as well as medical monitoring devices.

More CTFs are being opened progressively islandwide.

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