Man caught smoking in Orchard Road tells Certis enforcement officer: 'I want to see your badge'

'Where is your badge?' is officially a boomer meme.

Belmont Lay | August 21, 2021, 06:38 PM

A man who was allegedly caught smoking in Orchard Road is seen on video asking the enforcement officer who caught him: "I want to see your badge."

A video of the incident that happened at Orchard Boulevard public car park was put up on Facebook ok Aug. 21.

It was shot by the man who was apparently caught for lighting up in the Orchard Road precinct, which has been designated as a No Smoking Zone (NSZ) since Jan. 1, 2019.

The man behind the camera appeared to have been accompanied by another man, both of whom did not appear on video but their voices could be heard off-camera.

What video showed

The snippet of the verbal altercation lasted less than 2 minutes, with the camera trained on the two Certis Cisco enforcement officers.

The video opened with the man behind the camera demanding that the officer reveal his name.

In response, the male officer said: "Sir, let me finish my work first then I explain to you."

The man filming then demanded the officers reveal their identity cards to the camera.

The man filming said: "Can show me your card? You cannot put like that, you must show, you must show. No, no, no, no, no. You must show. You must show me you threaten me all."

The officers appeared to continue to process the issuance of the fine even as they were spoken to.

The male officer then said: "You are not allowed to take video."

This was met by a more forceful harangue: "No, no, no, I allowed to take. This my safety. Later you scold me anything. You also got camera also what."

The two officers then repeatedly inform the men that they are not allowed to take a video of the proceedings.

Informed that they cannot take video of officers

In response to the request to stop filming, the man behind the camera said: "Never mind, you show me your card. You never show me your pass, how do I know who are you?"

He continued: "Better show me your pass."

The male officer reiterated again: "You cannot take videos of us."

After this point, the video was stopped and restarted again.

The Certis Cisco logo can be prominently seen on the caps and vests of the two enforcement officers.

Show me your badge

After the video restarted, it became clearer what the men were unhappy about.

One of them said he wanted to be informed that smoking is not allowed in the Orchard area.

One of the men said: "Please, I want the car park all must put no smoking one."

This was accompanied by another protest of a different form, likely alluding to not discarding the cigarette butt improperly, which constitutes as littering: "But he never throw, he never throw."

The other men then sought to nitpick with the officers: "Why must hold my IC so long?"

In response, the male officer said: "This is Orchard Road, non-smoking zone. Everywhere you can see non-smoking zone."

Apparently unable to rebut this point, the conversation went full circle back to the issue of officers' identity.

One of the man said: "I want to see your badge."

The male officer appeared exasperated by this point before the video was cut.

You can see the video here.