10th floor HDB resident lists down in 1 week the 101 times noise made by 11th floor neighbour


Belmont Lay | August 03, 2021, 12:51 AM

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A 10th floor HDB resident has done up a detailed list over one week of the times when noise was supposedly made by the 11th floor unit above -- all labelled with time stamp and a description of the type of sound heard.

The list was then printed out and put up publicly for other residents of the block to see.

A photo of the list has been put up on the publicnoticesg Instagram account on July 30.

Comprehensive list

The 10th floor resident had apparently grown sick and tired of the sounds supposedly made by the neighbour upstairs to take such comprehensive action by compiling the frequency of the noise problem.

The exact location of the noise issue between neighbours of the 10th and 11th floor is not known, but the list indicated it occurred at Block 185, which is believed to be a HDB block of flats.

Absence of evidence also noted

The three most common types of noises heard were of stomping, banging, and the dropping of things.

On two occasions, a banging noise was heard just after midnight and the sound of things dropping was heard at 1am.

On other days the noise started after 8am and lasted until after 10pm.

And when there was a lack of evidence, the list also made clear that there was "no recording" for certain stretches of time.

Time to speak with neighbour

At least one response on the Instagram post urged the resident at the receiving end of the noise to speak with the neighbour above as a way to resolve the issue instead of airing grievances publicly by identifying the units affected.

Not unusual to hear noises in HDB block

Unusual and persistent noise believed to be emanating from one particular flat has been reported previously in Sengkang.

One phenomenon mentioned in the article was that sounds can travel in a multi-directional fashion in a block of flats.

This means that even though the noise appears to emanate from the unit directly above, the source might not always be the resident directly above.

Sometimes the noise can stem from pipes that run through the building and might not be anyone's fault.

Any supernatural explanations for such noises have so far not been taken seriously, owing to the fact that most people in Singapore have been holed up at home due to Covid-19 restrictions, making living in close proximity with one's neighbours for prolonged periods a challenge for some.

Meticulous note-taking

In another instance, a resident in Bukit Panjang took detailed notes of her HDB block neighbour smoking 150 times in two weeks, with time stamps of the incidents also listed down.

Such meticulous note-taking was to show the extent of the second-hand smoke problem, but news of the non-smoking resident's antics were thought to be depriving smokers the right to even light up inside one's home.

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