Self-proclaimed teh tarik connoisseur in S'pore dedicates Instagram page to teh tarik reviews

More subjective than objective.

Karen Lui | July 26, 2021, 01:10 PM

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Following an Instagram page's spotlight on the humble but ever-popular pandan waffles, another Instagram page is determined to find "the best teh tarik in Singapore".

Popular in the Southeast Asian region, including Singapore, the hot milk tea is made of black tea with condensed milk and a splash of evaporated milk.

Other variations exist, such as substituting the condensed milk with evaporated milk and sugar completely.

Teh tarik Instagram page

Going by the handle @tehtarikconnoisseur, its first post that was shared on Jan. 27 featured teh tarik from Bismillah Yunos Teh Tarik at Tanglin Halt Market.

The page has since garnered 1,356 followers with its 17 posts at the time of writing.

The user provides both qualitative and quantitative assessments of each teh tarik tried.

The current ratings range from two to five cups -- with more cups signalling a better teh tarik.

Highest rated teh tarik

The highest rating of five coffee cups goes to M. Mohd Gani Cafe in Ayer Rajah, which the tea drinker touted as "probably the best in the west".

The teh tarik was complimented for its creamy taste and sweetness.

As the connoisseur is staying in the east, the teh tarik was brought home via a takeaway bag.

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Lowest rated teh tarik

Most of the teh tarik featured on the page are rated three to four out of a score of five.

However, two received reviews of just two out of five, putting them below average from the rest.

They are D’Rubinah Sembawang and AlSalam Restaurant.

According to the self-professed connoisseur, the colour of the teh tarik at D’Rubinah Sembawang was a dead giveaway that it is too milky and sweet.

However, the egg prata was assessed to have been "fresh and delicious".

Photo by @tehtarikconnoisseur on Instagram.

As for AlSalam Restaurant, the beverage critic cited the "slightly diluted" taste with an overpowering bitterness as the reason for the low rating.

But the bitterness could have stemmed from ordering a drink with a less sweet request.

Photo by @tehtarikconnoisseur on Instagram.

The lack of foam in takeaway teh tarik was also deemed as inferior to frothy dine-in teh tarik in a cup.

Reviews more subjective than objective

However, such reviews are hardly objective.

The tolerance for sweetness and bitterness is subjective according to individual tastes.

And for true teh tarik connoisseurs, the taste of the tea is understood to be different depending on whether one has consumed savoury food beforehand or is drinking it on an empty stomach.

The flavours in the tea can be enhanced after the consumption of rich savoury food, especially those that are greasy, as there is a juxtaposition of tastes.

Taste buds conditioned to certain savoury flavours will find the introduction of teh tarik pleasing as it is akin to a soothing balm.

But the highlighting of noteworthy teh tarik in Singapore will encourage teh tarik lovers to go for the more notable ones and finding out for themselves if it works for them.

Follow @tehtarikconnoisseur for more information about the reviews of the teh tarik that they have tried.

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