IG user has dedicated account for reviews of pandan waffles around S'pore

People who say money cannot buy happiness obviously have not had pandan waffles.

Mandy How | July 25, 2021, 11:07 PM

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You know a dish or restaurant is of national importance when someone devotes a whole Instagram account to it.

The latest item to make it to the hall of fame is the ubiquitous pandan waffle, found in almost all corners of Singapore.

With its first post on Apr. 12, 2021, the account — aptly named @pandan pig — has since gone on to review pandan waffles from over a dozen brands.

Besides a very detailed caption on the good and bad points of each waffle, the user also provides a rating out of five so you can decide if you want to try it for yourself.

You can also expect 10/10 visuals and even a "power rating" chart, breaking down each aspect of the waffle, such as thickness, colour, and texture.

From time to time, the account also reviews other non-waffley pandan items, such as swiss rolls, muffins, and even pizza.

You can follow it here.

Top image via @pandan_pig/Instagram