Photogenic S'pore wild boar piglet looks ready to star in local version of 'Babe'

'That'll do, Pig. That'll do.'

Belmont Lay | July 31, 2021, 06:15 PM

A photogenic wild boar piglet has been photographed at Thomson Nature Park in Singapore.

A photo of the piglet was put up on Facebook on July 31 by Ah Heng.

The glint in the piglet's eye and its half-smirk at the camera hint at the intellectual, emotional and social capacities of animals, which was what made the 1995 Australian Babe movie an international hit and Oscar material.

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Wild boars, even adult ones, show a proclivity to become tame if they are fed by people, which can then lead to the animals associating people with food and end up becoming bolder in their subsequent interactions that can be undesirable.

As pigs in general are considered highly intelligent animals, they are capable of remembering objects, perceiving time, and making use of learned information to navigate their environment, according to LiveScience.

Thomson Nature Park: Home to wild boars

The appearance of a photogenic wild boar piglet in Thomson Nature Park is not surprising.

The nature park is home to adult wild boars that have successfully reproduced and live there.

An entire family of wild boars been seen venturing out for walks and finding food as a unit.

A woman once spotted an adult wild boar with seven piglets in tow in the park

Wild boar piglets have distinctive yellow and black stripes on their bodies.

These markings tend to disappear when they grow into adults.

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