Carousell flooded with listings for McDonald's BTS meal packaging, prices as high as S$150

Tad pricey for used packaging.

Ashley Tan | June 21, 2021, 04:01 PM

McDonald's long-awaited BTS meal finally launched in Singapore to much fanfare today (June 21) at 11am.

Which subsequently led to some problems for those attempting to order it on food delivery platforms.

And as with any product that is in high demand in Singapore, some of the limited edition meal packaging inevitably made it to Carousell.

Many listings

As of the time of writing, there were over 200 listings for the meal's vivid purple packaging, with the majority having been put up very recently.

Some were (possibly) trolling with their exorbitant prices:

But aside from these, the prices for most of the listings hovered around S$50 for the drink and nugget packaging — which sellers emphasised were washed and clean.

Many listings also included unopened tubs of the meal's limited edition cajun and sweet chili sauces.

High prices

One lucky seller managed to cop five sets of the BTS meal and was selling them together for S$120.

Meanwhile, another rather entrepreneurial seller made the most of the meal by selling the sauces (S$20) separately from the packaging (S$50).

Some listings were priced above S$100, with a few even reaching as high as S$150.

For reference, the original McDonald's BTS meal costs S$8.90.

Demand for the BTS meal in other countries was similarly, if not more so, outrageous, with some hardcore BTS fans, or ARMY, displaying the used packaging in well-kept shrines.

If you're wondering about the hype around the BTS meal but are unwilling to brave the troublesome ordering process or spend your hard-earned money, you can read our very honest review here.

Top photo screenshot from Carousell