Passenger buys 80 packs of food to treat SBS Transit bus captains in Bishan

Economy rice powering Singapore since forever.

Fiona Tan | May 18, 2021, 03:16 PM

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A kind stranger in Singapore has stepped up to personally recognise the efforts of bus drivers during these trying Covid-19 times.

Photos of a generous commuter handing out packets of food at Bishan interchange and posing with the bus captains have been put up on the Go Singapore (走,新加坡) Facebook page on May 17, 2021.

The photos also appeared in the Singapore Bus Drivers Facebook group.

The post identified the person handing out the food as a bus passenger, who appears to be a Caucasian man.

Screenshot from Alex Lee Soon Tat/FB.

The food was personally delivered to the bus captains' designated resting area.

The post said the passenger had purchased 80 packs of economy rice – cai png.

Assuming that each pack of cai png costs S$3 to S$4 in this day and age, the man's act of kindness will cost between S$200 and S$300.

You can read the translation of the post here:

"The sudden pandemic has gripped everyone's hearts. During this difficult time, I am very thankful for this generous passenger who bought 80 packets of economy rice for us frontline bus captains to enjoy. I am grateful."

Singapore's transport industry is an essential service.

Bus drivers carry on working during this heightened pandemic situation to enable transport services to continue running.

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Top image from Alex Lee Soon Tat/FB