Woman, 57, assisting S'pore police with investigations into alleged racism & harassment linked to YouTube channel

Police reports were made against the woman's actions on the MRT train.

Belmont Lay | April 27, 2021, 04:11 PM

The police have confirmed on Tuesday, April 27 that reports had been lodged regarding an incident of a woman caught on video filming other commuters and allegedly making racist remarks on an MRT train.

“A 57-year-old woman is currently assisting with investigations,” the police said without providing additional details.

The clip of the woman on the MRT train was first posted on Twitter, but has been removed, and reuploaded on other social media accounts.

The woman dressed in a pink dress in the video was seen pointing her phone camera at passengers, and asking them what their race was.


She was also heard telling a commuter that she would “never mix around with you guys because we're so different”.

After the woman's antics were publicised, a YouTube channel called "Beow Tan" was surfaced by online users.

The videos were allegedly shot by the same woman caught on camera in the MRT train.

The woman's face can be seen in some of the clips.

The videos show her accusing random members of the public of being racist and harassing her.

The Straits Times reported that it understands that the woman's mental state is currently being assessed.