Wife of food delivery rider killed at Kovan says she will never forgive Mini Cooper driver

She got to see her husband one last time at the accident scene.

Belmont Lay | Kayla Wong | March 27, 2021, 01:24 AM

The wife of the food delivery rider who was killed at Kovan, after he was allegedly hit from behind by a Mini Cooper, told Shin Min Daily News that she can never forgive the driver.

Simon Teo, the 42-year-old man who died, was delivering food at that time when he was allegedly run over while waiting at the T-junction to turn right on his electric bicycle into Hougang Avenue 1.

He died from his injuries after he was sent to the hospital.

The 34-year-old driver was arrested for drink driving and careless driving causing death.

The incident happened on Tuesday night, March 23, at around 10:11pm.

The deceased leaves behind an eight-year-old daughter and his wife.

Wife said she doesn't want to see driver

The wife told Shin Min: “I can’t forgive the driver!”

She also said: “I saw that the driver’s face was flushed, and looked like he just drank, I can’t forgive him ever, and I don’t wish for him to come to the wake.”

An eyewitness at the scene told Shin Min that the wife cried uncontrollably upon reaching the scene and seeing her husband lying on the ground.

She also questioned the driver if he had been drinking, but the driver appeared to be expressionless and didn’t reply her.

Even after getting up, she could not stop crying.

Investigations are still ongoing.

Good Samaritans stepped up to help

Five people approached to help the victim after he was knocked off his e-bike.

According to Shin Min, Teo had been working as a food delivery rider for about four to five years.

The wife told Shin Min that she was informed of the accident when she was woken up by a phone call made by a stranger using her husband’s phone.

When she saw her husband at the scene of the accident, which was five minutes away from where the couple lived, he was attended to by emergency medical personnel.

The wife said: “I was calling his name, but he had no response at all..."

Passed away after he was sent to hospital

The wife waited at the hospital for the doctors to save her husband, but a couple of hours later in the middle of the night, they said they tried their best but could not save him.

The wife also said she had already told her daughter about her father’s death.

The mother said her girl understands that Teo had already passed away, but would cry and say she “misses daddy”.

The mother said although she is working, most decisions in the household were made by her husband, and so she feels lost at the moment.

She also told the Chinese media that she wanted to thank those who stepped forward to help her husband after the accident happened.

The Good Samaritans checked on her husband’s condition and helped direct traffic, and even held an umbrella over the fallen man as it was raining during that time.

She also said she felt thankful to them for calling her as she was able to see her husband one last time before he passed away.

She said she hopes that any eyewitness who saw the accident or have a recording of it would contact her.

Riders raising money

Teo's colleague, 43, told Shin Min that the two would chat whenever they happen to see each other while making deliveries.

A few days before the tragedy happened, they had met each other.

He said they will always remind each other to be careful while riding, as they mostly work during the night.

Other food delivery workers are helping the family by pooling funds for them.