Syed Saddiq to attend NUS lectures in S'pore in March 2021, will return MP salary

Not for a holiday.

Fasiha Nazren | March 08, 2021, 11:34 AM

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In September 2020, Muar member of parliament (MP) Syed Saddiq announced that he has secured a scholarship at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

He has been attending online lessons for a programme at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKYSSP) since then.

In Singapore for a month

However, in a Facebook post on Mar. 8, Syed revealed that he will be attending physical classes soon.

He added that he will be in Singapore for a month.

In the post, he emphasised that he is coming to Singapore to study and not for a holiday.

Returns March salary

Syed also said that he hopes that his further studies in public policy will also help him to be a better MP and policymaker for Muar and Malaysia.

And just because he's away from Malaysia, doesn't mean he's putting a pause in his job as an MP.

"Since the declaration of Malaysia's state of emergency, team Muar has successfully helped more than 765 families to receive laptops and tablets. 5,500 families have received help from the Food Bank and 150 students are receiving help from the Harapan Muar scholarship," he said.

His team will continue these efforts in Muar throughout his stay in Singapore.

Syed also announced that he will be returning his salary for the month of March 2021.

"I don't deserve to keep my salary while I further my studies."

You can find his Facebook post here:

Top image from Syed Saddiq's and NUS Facebook page.