New masks by Temasek Foundation available for collection from Mar. 1, only need to be washed weekly

Free mask.

Ashley Tan | February 24, 2021, 03:21 PM

Temasek Foundation will be distributing a fourth round of new and upgraded reusable masks for free.

These masks boast increased protection and need to be washed less as compared to previous reusable masks.

New and upgraded masks

The new MaskPlus™ Livinguard reusable masks has two layers of "100% proprietary-treated cotton fabric" which offers protection by inactivating viruses.

The mask reportedly has an antiviral performance of over 97 per cent and an antibacterial performance of over 99.75 per cent, even after 30 washes.

Additionally, one new perk of this mask is that it only needs to be washed once a week.

The mask can last up to seven months even if used daily and washed weekly 30 times. However, washing it incorrectly can reduce its effectiveness and durability.

After 30 washes, the antiviral and antibacterial performance will be gradually reduced with each additional wash.

Temasek Foundation thus suggests that the masks may then be used like ordinary two-layer cotton masks, or worn together with other masks including disposable medical grade masks for added protection.

More information on the masks can be found here.

Different sizes

According to Temasek Foundation's press release, the masks come in S, M, L and XL sizes.

Free size S masks are available for children aged eight and below.

As the sizings this time are different from previous free masks, residents are advised to check their sizings before collecting or buying the masks.

A more detailed size guide can be found here.

Photo by Joshua Lee

Where and when to collect

The masks will be available from Mar. 1, 10am onwards till Mar. 14, 11:59pm.

Each Singapore resident who has an NRIC, birth certificate, FIN card, School Smartcard, or any government-issued ID with a barcode can collect one free mask each.

Residents can collect on behalf of their family members and friends by scanning the barcodes of the relevant government-issued IDs or keying in the ID information.

Like previous rounds of mask distributions, the masks can be collected from #StayMasked vending machines islandwide, located at Community Centres, Residents' Committee Centres, bus interchanges, Migrant Workers' Centre Recreational Centres, select CapitaLand malls, and Temasek Shophouse.

S-sized masks can only be collected from CCs, Plaza Singapura mall, and Temasek Shophouse.

Residents can use this website to check the locations of vending machines and their stock availability.

Those who want additional masks can order them online here, or via the DBS PayLah! App, at S$10 each.

Residents can make purchases online from Mar. 1, 10am to Mar. 13, 11:59pm.

Here's a nifty summary:

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