Man uses spoon to eat CNY cookies after they crumbled during JB to S'pore journey

As some would say, that's the way the cookie crumbles.

Jane Zhang | February 11, 2021, 01:37 PM

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Chinese New Year this year is very different for many people, given that many are unable to return home to celebrate with their families due to the ongoing pandemic.

Because of this, some families have taken to sending their loved ones a taste of home, in the form of Chinese New Year snacks.

For one Malaysian man living in Singapore, though, his younger sister's attempt to surprise him with some homemade cookies didn't end up going quite the way she probably envisioned it.

Sister wanted to surprise him with cookies

In a Facebook post on Feb. 6, one Sam Stc said because he wasn't able to return home to Malaysia for Chinese New Year this year, his sister had pointed out that he wouldn't be able to eat the cookies that she made.

Sam, who is from Jementah, Johor, told his sister that there was nothing to be done about it, and that he just wouldn't be able to eat anything for Chinese New Year this year.

Little did he know, Sam's sister decided to surprise him by mailing several tins of cookies over to Singapore for him.

Photo via Facebook / Sam Stc.

Photo via Facebook / Sam Stc.

Cookies crumbled

Unfortunately, by the time the cookies reached Sam, they had endured quite a journey and had crumbled.

Here's what they looked like:

Photo via Facebook / Sam Stc.

"Next time, let's not do this," he wrote. "It's such a waste."

Still, he wrote amusedly, he was touched by his sister's gesture.

And to make the most of the situation, Sam decided to take a soup spoon and help himself to several spoonfuls of whatever was left of his sister's lovingly gifted homemade cookies anyway.

Photo via Facebook / Sam Stc.

Sam told World of Buzz that he hasn't been able to see his family members in Malaysia for almost a year, that he really misses them, and that he is "very sad and disappointed" that he won't be reuniting with them for Chinese New Year.

You can read Sam's Facebook post here:

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Top photo via Facebook / Sam Stc.