Monitor lizard eats python in Ulu Pandan canal but throws it up wholesale & burps loudly

Epic meal time.

Belmont Lay | February 27, 2021, 05:15 AM

A monitor lizard was seen eating a large python in Ulu Pandan canal in Singapore on Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2021.

via Desmond Bond

via Desmond Bond

The amazing sight to behold of nature running its course in an urban jungle such as Singapore was witnessed by many passers-by.

via Jennifer M Tan

Various videos and photos have since been uploaded to social media, documenting the monitor lizard's chow time from different angles.

via Bart Van Wassenhove

via Bart Van Wassenhove

Did not finish food

Photos and videos of the monitor lizard devouring its prey showed the predator already halfway through its meal.

The monitor lizard was focused on finishing its food in the canal, despite the crowd that had stopped to gawk at the scene.

However, it appeared that the monitor lizard bit off more than it could chew.

At one point, the monitor lizard stopped swallowing as it appeared to choke on the length of python, which was by then almost fully eaten.

It eventually regurgitated the half-eaten python before leaving the carcass at the bottom of the canal.

via Jennifer M Tan

via Jennifer M Tan

via Gareth Pearson

Video of monitor lizard throwing up and burping

The process of throwing up its meal was shocking, as the monitor lizard appeared to have overextended its jaw to fit the prey, and even let out an audible burp that was caught on camera.

The crowd watching were startled by the monitor lizard's belching.

The monitor lizard then waddled away into the water.

A jogger who happened to pass by the canal took a photo of the python's carcass -- also known as the monitor lizard's unfinished meal.

via Max Tay

Photos of python before it was eaten

Other photos uploaded on Facebook showed the dead python before it was apparently eaten by the monitor lizard.

via Yen Chua

It looked like it was already in a state of decomposition.

However, monitor lizards devouring pythons in Singapore is not new.

Two monitor lizards were seen eating a dead python in Potong Pasir previously.

Top photos via Jennifer M Tan & Heng Young Alan Ng