2 monitor lizards eat python carcass in Potong Pasir

Circle of life.

Sumita Thiagarajan | June 21, 2020, 08:35 PM

If you didn't know already, Singapore's actually home to a lot of wild animals, who are found in whatever is left of our city's natural spaces.

For some species, they have learnt to live in the urban areas, especially with our green parks and housing estates providing a refuge from green spaces that might have been lost to development.

The latest wild happening was near Kallang River, where two monitor lizards were seen feasting on what appears to be a dead reticulated python.

Different kind of 'Big Breakfast'

A video of two monitor lizards digging into their python of a meal was uploaded to Facebook by Swen Einhaus.

This is normal behaviour, as mentioned by NParks' website, as monitor lizards help keep the environment clean by eating dead carcasses, which helps speed up the decomposition process.

The two lizards were each eating one end of the dead reptile.

NParks's website also states that the public does not need to be alarmed when they encounter a monitor lizard, as these creatures are shy and will not attack unless provoked.

Here's the video:

Too much for the lizards to handle in one meal

According to a comment on the original video by Swen, they had gone back to check on the carcass and found that the lizards were gone.

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Top screenshot via Swen Einhaus/Facebook