Baller SBS bus driver decked out in gold jewellery new object of S'poreans' affection

Big huat.

Ashley Tan | February 24, 2021, 12:20 PM

A Singaporean Indian salesman left jaws on the floor with his Mandarin and Hokkien proficiency recently, which he flaunted and put to good use while selling mops in the heartlands.


Meanwhile, an SBS Transit bus captain has caught the fancy of Singaporeans with his shiny accoutrements while on the job.

This particular driver, while dressed in the purple uniform donned by all drivers in the company, had clearly added some embellishments to his standard rig so that he brightens the day of everyone he meets.

A picture of the bus captain posted by one Lewis Cloud on Facebook on Feb. 23 has been shared 3,600 times.

The driver sports conspicuous gold chain necklace, bracelet, two large signet rings, a shiny watch on the other hand, and some shades.

Photo from Lewis Cloud / FB

Facebook commenters described the driver as "baller", which means someone who lives and spends extravagantly, and joked that it was time for them to quit their jobs to become bus drivers.

Running commentary

On Feb. 24, another video revealing more of the eye-catching driver was posted online.

This time, the driver was seen having his meal, with two men sitting behind the camera offering a running commentary in Mandarin.

One man says that "if you have the chance to sit in front of [the driver], this is your honour!", while a second man agrees profusely.

The second man adds that if one doesn't know the driver, one would need to pay to take his picture, and the group cracks up at this.

The first man then lets out a series of exclamations of "whoa" and "wahlao", and says that the cost of the jewellery worn by the driver is around S$50,000.

The men then proceeded to debate how much each piece of jewellery costs.

The driver sat through the conversation and focused on his meal, occasionally laughing along with the men.

You can watch the full video here:

Top photo from Lewis Cloud / FB and All Singapore Stuff / FB