HDB residents complain of water seeping into homes from floor & ceiling after recent heavy rain

Rain not too enjoyable for some.

Tanya Ong | January 18, 2021, 01:21 PM

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January has been a rainy month for Singapore so far, with rain and windy conditions persisting until mid-Jan.

While many have enjoyed the cooler temperatures, the relentless rain has led to some rather unfortunate consequences for homeowners.

Water seepage issues

According to a Straits Times (ST) report, some HDB residents have struggled with water seepages in their homes following the heavy rains.

The residents quoted by ST included those living in Tampines, Hougang and Tanah Merah.

Speaking to ST, Tampines Member of Parliament (MP) Baey Yam Keng said that he has received 20 to 30 complaints from residents regarding water seepages.

The issues, ranging from ceiling leaks and seepages through pipes or air-conditioning units, were mostly from residents living in flats that are over 20 years old, Baey noted.

In a separate Facebook post on Jan. 12, he also said that "heavy rain is one major reason" for the seepage.

He wrote:

"Our flats are protected from the rain by walls, windows and the roof (for top floor units). If there is water seepage, the town council will repair the cracks in the wall and roof, or reapply the waterproof coating. However, if water is seeping through other cavities, eg window sill/frame or decayed aircon panel/frame, that is under the flat-owners’ purview."

He also added that the town council will "do their best to identify the cause".

His Facebook post:

Complaint on Facebook regarding water seeping up from kitchen floor

One Victoria Ching had also posted a complaint in a Facebook group saying that following heavy rain, she noticed water seeping up from under her kitchen floor on Jan. 2.

She said they had to use kitchen towels to soak up the water and left it to dry over the next few days, but the same thing happened again after a week later.

She did not specify the location of her HDB unit, but said that she had only moved in for three months after renovations.

Victoria Ching/FB

Victoria Ching/FB

Victoria Ching/FB

In the comments section, she said they suspected the water was seeping in from a crack in the wall near her window.

Victoria Ching/FB

She also claimed that the town council told her "to take a video to show" that the rain is "entering the house to prove that it is from the external facade before they can do anything about it".

Past occurrences

This is not the first time residents have complained about water seepages following a spate of heavy rain.

In 2015, Punggol residents had complained about rainwater seeping into some flats, according to ST.

At that time, HDB had received feedback regarding water seeping into flats for 24 units.

Some other residents living in Tampines have also experienced similar issues a few years back.

Top photo via Victoria Ching/FB.

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