Show Luo posts IG story tribute to dedicated 'British Grandma' fan who died of Covid-19

She reportedly spent about S$142K to catch his concerts all over the world.

Karen Lui | January 08, 2021, 04:11 PM

Taiwanese singer Show Luo continues to maintain a relatively low profile after his infamous cheating scandal with ex-girlfriend, Grace Chow, last year.

On Jan. 4, however, Luo posted a series of Instagram stories that paid tribute to Judith Gooding, a loyal fan who had recently passed away from Covid-19.

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In the open letter, the host/singer/actor refers to Gooding as "British Grandma".

Here's a translation;

British Grandma:

Each time we met, you would always give me a smile. Despite flying from such a far place like England to meet me, the time differences, and other challenges along the way, your warm strength remains in my mind.

Each time we part, you would always bid me farewell in a tight embrace, telling me you don't know if there would be another chance to meet again next time.

Now, you no longer have any sickness and pain, and you need not rush around in your wheelchair for me. Now, you can fly freely.

I will always remember the love that you gave me.

@wendywokou Thank you for the trouble you've taken.

I would also wish to thank everyone in SFC (Show Fan Club) who has helped British Grandma.

@showjudie R.I.P

In another post, Luo shared a candid photograph of himself reaching out to Gooding in a welcoming manner with a shorter caption.

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"Each time Grandma says goodbye to me, she really treats it as if it were her final time. @showjudie"

In a third post, Luo shared another photograph that shows off the friendly bond between himself and Gooding while recognising her efforts as his loyal fan.

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"S.F.C will always have a place for you. @showjudie"

As an elderly British lady, Gooding stood out from the other avid fans of Luo and gained renown in his fan community.

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She travelled from her home in England to places like Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Las Vegas, and Taiwan to catch the pop star's performances, Apple Daily reported.

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