Number of potholes in last 2 weeks double 2020's monthly average, LTA aims to fix defects ASAP

Numerous potholes have appeared amid the last two weeks of extremely wet weather.

Nigel Chua | January 16, 2021, 06:31 PM

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) acknowledged the appearance of more potholes on Singapore's roads, amid wet weather in the first two weeks of 2020.

The number of potholes in the last fortnight was twice the monthly average in 2020, LTA said in a Facebook post on Jan. 15.

The government agency explained that potholes start to form when water seeps into cracks that are formed from "normal wear and tear".

However, "prolonged heavy rainfall" worsens the situation.

When heavy vehicles go over these cracks, they widen and may eventually become potholes.

Road monitoring and maintenance stepped up

LTA said that it has stepped up monitoring and road maintenance, adding that "any road defects are fixed ASAP."

Road users may highlight road defects to LTA via various feedback channels, as follows:

  • The LTA website
  • The "Snap & Send" function on the MyTransport.SG mobile app
  • The Municipal Services Office’s OneService application

Pothole situation

The proliferation of potholes has attracted significant concern from road users, who shared photos of the damaged roads online.

At least one car was damaged to the point that it could not be driven:

Meanwhile, the wet conditions experienced over the past two weeks are expected to come to an end, with the forecast for the rest of January pointing to drier (and hotter) days.

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Top image via Complaint Singapore