Mum killed in Jurong West accident was going home to surprise son with sushi to celebrate his O-level results

A 69-year-old man has been arrested

Karen Lui | January 19, 2021, 04:50 PM

On Jan. 12, 52-year-old balloon artist Or Cheng Khim was ran over by a lorry while crossing the road in Jurong West at 8:28pm.

Or was hit by a lorry at the junction of Yuan Ching Road and Yuan Kuang Road.

She remained in a coma after she was sent to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and was pronounced brain-dead on the afternoon of Jan. 14.

The family reluctantly pulled the plug the following day.

Photo via Shin Min Daily News

As Or's organs were still healthy, her family decided to donate her cornea, liver, and kidneys.

This act of organ donation allows Or's spirit of helping others live on after her passing, the family said.

Well-known balloon artist

Prior to her death, Or was a preschool teaching assistant who enjoyed making handicrafts.

She learned how to sculpt balloons by chance and gradually became a well-known balloon artist.

She was invited to sculpt balloons at Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's home.

In 2012, she participated in the challenge to create the world's largest balloon sculpture, successfully breaking the world record to set a new one.

Photo via Singapore Uncensored on Facebook

Or's son

In an interview with The New Paper at the wake, Or's son, Ng Song Ching, 17, shared: "When I realised my mother was late for dinner, I called her mobile phone. A doctor answered and told me that she was in the hospital. I was very shocked and scared."

Song Ching told TNP that Or was pleased with his O-level results.

They were concerned that he may not be able to achieve the results he desired, but his grades allowed him to apply for the course he wanted.

Song Ching added that his mother had never stopped him from pursuing his academic goals and would share his happiness in the decision he makes.

He had planned to discuss his future plans with Or the night she met with the accident.

His mother had bought sushi and was on her way to surprise her son.

They never got to meet that evening.

Or's siblings and parents

Or leaves behind three siblings.

Her youngest sister, Samantha Or, 42, told Shin Min Daily News during the wake on the night of Jan. 17 that her aging parents were devastated about the premature passing of their daughter, but were in favour of the organ donation.

Samantha also told TNP that despite the difficulty for her family to accept Or's sudden death, they have chosen to forgive the driver.

She added that Or was a forgiving person and it would have been what Or would have wanted.

Or's third brother, Or Zhi Cai, 48, added that the donation of her sister's cornea would not only be able to help others, she can also continue to see the world.

"This would, to some extent, bring comfort to our family. Our mother also remarked that Or would still be able to see the world. Our family was thinking if there was a day outside and we encounter a pair of familiar-looking eyes, perhaps it may be hers."

The family shared that Or had a zest for life and enjoyed witnessing the birth of new life. In the past years, she had contributed to the release of thousands of butterflies into the wild and the growing of numerous plants and flowers.

For the wake, 18 people spent five hours using 3,000 balloons to create a butterfly-themed balloon background for Or's wake.

Photo via Shin Min Daily News

Or's family also made butterfly and dragonfly stickers, hoping that Or's beloved butterflies and balloons can accompany her on her final journey.

Photo via Shin Min Daily News

Or's family stated that Or was a strong believer in life-long learning.

Two months before her passing, she had used her SkillsFuture credits to register for a cooking class.

Arrest of careless driver

According to TNP, the police have arrested a 69-year-old male lorry driver for careless driving and investigations are ongoing.

Top images by Or Cheng Khim Facebook and Shin Min Daily News.