Xiaxue breaks silence on Dee Kosh saga, says she is still friends with him

She also applauded Nathan Hartono for not abandoning Dee Kosh when the allegations hit.

Mandy How | December 15, 2020, 03:31 PM

About four months after Dee Kosh's scandal exploded over the internet, Xiaxue has finally given her take on the matter.

The blogger-turned-influencer, who has collaborated with Dee Kosh on several videos, said that she had kept silent until now as Dee Kosh "didn't want more drama."

However, she has decided to air her views after Dee Kosh was recently thrust under the spotlight when a photo of him carrying out CWO (Corrective Work Order) surfaced online, and Ryan Tan from Night Owl Cinematics addressed the ongoing saga on his Instagram Stories.

Still friends

Xiaxue uploaded two Instagram Stories, with the bottomline being that she is still friends with Dee Kosh.

One of the main reasons for that was the fact that he had stuck with her when she was embroiled in her own scandal in June this year, where the "woke mob" was bent on destroying her livelihood.

Xiaxue said that Dee Kosh had offered his "support and advice" then, instead of taking the easy route to disavow her.

This was before the allegations against Dee Kosh erupted in August, the influencer noted.

"What kind of person would I be if I were to abandon Dee in his time of need when he was there for mine?"

Xiaxue added that she "[will] not" apologise for being completely biased when it comes to friends or family.

"Being a friend means even if they did something wrong, you stay by their side because you know they are good people at heart, and you help guide them to do better."

You can read her Stories here:

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Top image via Xiaxue's Instagram page