Kiss92 FM fan in 3-week coma wakes up 3 days after hearing DJs speak to him

His son Jasper called Kiss92 to ask them to speak to his dad on air.

Zhangxin Zheng | December 02, 2020, 02:55 PM

One Kiss92 fan named Jeffrey slipped into a coma after a fall at home recently.

Prior to that, he had been listening to the radio station every morning.

As the doctor told his son Jasper that it might be helpful to let him listen to familiar voices, Jasper reached out to Kiss92 FM to ask the DJs Maddy, Andre, and Divian to speak to him.

And much to everyone's surprise, Jeffrey did hear them while he was in coma, and woke up three days after the DJs spoke to him over the radio.

On Dec. 1, Kiss92 uploaded an audio clip of the conversation that the father and son had with the three DJs, where they recounted the events.

Woke up in the middle of the night

Jasper recalled that Jeffrey regained consciousness while he was watching a football match in the hospital at around 2:15am, after being in a coma for 23 days.

The first thing that Jeffrey said to him?

"Boy, move aside. I want to watch football," recounted Jasper, which cracked the radio DJs up.

Jeffrey explained that he did not know where he was at that moment, but he heard the commentator on the TV speaking and guessed there was a match.

He cannot remember what happened to him after the fall too.

Heard Maddy's voice while asleep

When asked what he dreamt about while asleep, Jeffrey said that he dreamt of being with his late wife at the beach where he proposed to her.

He also had other past memories coming back to him, and heard the Kiss92 DJ Maddy's voice.

After he woke up, Jeffrey asked Jasper if someone from Kiss92 spoke to him while he was in a coma.

Jasper then confirmed that the DJs did speak to him over the radio on the 20th day of his coma.

Andre described the experience as a surreal one, and quipped that he did not know that Maddy's voice could be "coma-piercing loud".

Maddy said that when they agreed to Jasper's request, they were hoping that their voices would help with Jeffrey's recovery, but did not exactly know if it would be useful at all.

"We were hoping but we weren't expecting. We didn't dare to expect."

Radio interview ended on an emotional note

Jeffrey said that he was still feeling weak, but he thanked the Kiss92 DJs.

The session ended off with Jeffrey leaving a touching message for his son.

His voice cracking with emotion, Jeffrey said that he was not sure he would wake up.

But he's happy that he has Jasper by his side and he promised to take care of himself and the family moving forward.

Here's the full clip:

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Top image via Kiss92/Facebook