Courts S$1,122.90 PS5 listing with 2-year warranty was 'result of an error'

The official price is S$729, almost S$400 less than what Courts seemed to be offering.

Guan Zhen Tan | November 29, 2020, 08:45 PM

The Playstation 5 has reached our shores.

Retailed at almost S$400 more than official price

The official price for a set ranges from S$599 for the digital version, which does not include a disc drive, to S$729 for the standard version.

However, Courts was apparently retailing the console at S$1,122.90 in an online shop listing that has since been taken down.

The price difference of S$393.90 would get you an additional two-year warranty and an extra DualSense Wireless Controller, however.

The listing also promised delivery by Dec. 1, which could make it attractive to some, given that the Playstation 5 is currently out of stock.

The demand for the console is partly attributable to scalpers, who took to Carousell on the first day of its launch asking for as much as S$1,500 for a set.

Here's a screenshot of the listing from Geek Culture:

Screenshot via Geek Culture

As a Dualsense controller costs S$99, the remaining S$294.9 markup would presumably go towards the additional warranty.

However, as noted by Geek Culture, details of the warranty were not stated, meaning that it was unclear whether Courts would only cover repairs, or go as far as providing a replacement set, should the console be rendered unrepairable within the warranty period.

In any case, the listing is currently unavailable.

An error

In response to Mothership's queries, a spokesperson for Courts responded that the listing was "a result of an error" and was "not live on the website for more than five minutes".

The spokesperson added that no purchases for the bundle were made.

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Top image via Playstation's website and Geek Culture