'Sorry to disappoint S'porean audiences who have been supporting me': Mark Lee on Golden Horse Awards loss

He hopes that more Singaporean and Malaysian films can take the international stage.

Mandy How | November 23, 2020, 12:05 AM

Mark Lee has made many Singaporeans proud with his Best Actor nomination at the 57th Golden Horse Awards.

While Taiwanese actor Mo Tzu-yi eventually took home the award, Lee is taking things in his stride.

"I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm not disappointed. It's not the last Golden Horse anyway, what's there to be afraid of? I can always try again!" the Singaporean actor told Shin Min Daily News.

The Chinese daily joked that Lee appeared to be consoling their reporter instead.

Lee, however, admitted that he was a little nervous right before the Best Actor award was announced, despite being relatively composed throughout the night.

Apologised to Singaporean audiences

On the Singaporean audiences who have supported him in hopeful anticipation, Lee felt that he had let them down.

"They were so supportive, but I've disappointed them!"

As for why he lost, Lee said that he has not seen Mo's movie, "Dear Tenant".

"Perhaps it was due to the judges' personal preference," he hazarded a guess.

All in all, Lee remains contented with his lot.

He told Shin Min that besides experiencing a prestigious award ceremony, he's also gotten to know many more people in the film industry, both old and new.

"Anyone can sign themselves up for the Golden Horse Awards, but to stand out from more than 900 films and filmmakers, it's already a feat," he added.

Lee then thanked his friends and the media for their support, and said that he would continue to work hard and make good movies.

"Thank you for completing this journey with me," Lee wrote on his latest Instagram post. Photo via Mark Lee's Instagram page

He also hopes that more Singaporean and Malaysian productions will make their presence known on the international stage.

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Top image via Mark Lee's Instagram Stories