Man who beat up 3 men in Golden Mile Tower says he & wife surrounded & provoked, acted in self-defence

What happened, according to the man who beat up the rest.

Belmont Lay | November 16, 2020, 12:16 PM

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The Golden Mile Tower one-fight-three grey-haired Ip Man has spoken out in an interview with Chinese daily, Lianhe Zaobao.

He told Zaobao the video posted online did not show the whole truth.

The grey-haired Ip Man said he acted in self-defence as the three men he fought were drunk and had provoked him for no reason.

The grey-haired Ip Man, who did not want to be named, also said he only wanted to protect his wife and himself.

He said: "It was around 12am in the middle of the night, and my wife and I were in the car park trying to go home."

"Two of the men came forward to provoke us, looking like they were drunk. Later, their friend came in a Porsche. After arriving, they got off the car and provoked us together."


Grey-haired Ip Man claimed the three men appeared to be in their 30s and had surrounded him and were shouting.

He also claimed that when his wife got out of the car to mediate, one of the three man pushed her.

Grey-haired Ip Man's wife was the woman dressed in red in the video.

Grey-haired Ip Man told Zaobao: "One of them pushed my wife while the other bumped me with his shoulder. I wanted to prevent them from hurting my wife and protect myself, so I defended myself."

Grey-haired Ip Man also claimed that a Porsche was parked in the middle of the road and blocked the cars behind, causing a long queue in the car park.

So, he "knocked down" the three men and immediately ordered them to move their cars, and the fight ended.

Man knocked down was okay

Grey-haired Ip Man also clarified that the lanky man dressed in black he knocked out cold in the video was not hurt that badly.

He said: "The other party stood up within five minutes."

The three men then got up and drove off in the Porsche.

Grey-haired Ip Man also said that after the altercation, the other drivers stuck in the car park went to him to provide their name cards.

They said they would testify for him, grey-haired Ip Man said.

Police are investigating after a report was made.


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