1 man beats up 3 men at Golden Mile Tower car park, knocking 1 of them out cold


Belmont Lay | November 12, 2020, 12:40 AM

A fight involving four men broke out in the car park at Golden Mile Tower.

A one-minute video posted on Facebook on Nov. 11 showed the altercation where one man took on three men at the same time and prevailed.

Blow-by-blow account

The cause of the fight is not known as the video started as abruptly as it ended.

But here is a blow-by-blow account.

Man in grey singlet took on three men

A man in a grey singlet is seen being confronted by three other men.

At the 4-second mark, one man can be heard shouting in dialect: "Come!"

By the 9-second mark, the grey singlet man shoved man number one and the fight proper kicked off.

Right after the shove, the grey singlet man threw the first punch and landed on the face of man number one, knocking him off his feet.

Three men no match for one man

Man number two lunged at grey singlet man and threw a few punches that glanced off grey singlet man as the camera momentarily cut away, with the sound of bodies hitting vehicles heard.

When the video cut back, grey singlet man can be seen swinging wildly at man number one and man number three, knocking them both to the ground, as man number two staggered to get up.

All this while, a woman in red can be heard shouting unintelligibly.

The driver filming in the car is reversing his vehicle at this point.

Man number one knocked out

Man number one got back to his feet and lunged at grey singlet man, but missed.

Grey singlet man ducked and moved backwards with some quality head movement.

After waiting a few moments for man number one to finish throwing a couple of punches while leaving his chin up high and exposed, grey singlet man stepped into the pocket and counterpunched, knocking man number one out cold with a clean right.

Man number one landed on the ground with a sickening thud.

His two partners stood there and watched that happen.

Remaining two men stepped back

Grey singlet man appeared to be picking stuff off the ground as man number two and three stood back, deterred, and appeared afraid to engage.

Grey singlet man shoved man number three to the ground and accosted man number two.

Grey singlet man pointed at man number two and shouted: "You don't come and look for trouble."

Man number two backed away and said: "I'm not looking for trouble. You are looking for trouble."

Grey singlet man then shouted: "You all want to look for trouble is it?"

At this point, man number two and three were on their feet as the woman in red appeared to placate the men, and the video was cut.

Update: Police are investigating the fight.

The man in the video has since spoken out:

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