Thailand tourism board makes cheeky, shady jab at S'pore's MRT breakdown

That's rough.

Ashley Tan | October 15, 2020, 07:28 PM

A power fault on three MRT lines operated by SMRT in the evening of Oct. 15 left numerous commuters on their way home stranded and frustrated.

The breakdown, which was caused by a power cable insulation fault at around 7pm, affected over 30 stations along the North-South, East-West and Circle Line.

The fault also led to the lights and power going out at various MRT stations. Trains halted midway along their routes, forcing commuters to walk along the tracks to reach the station platforms.

Large crowds of commuters also formed outside affected MRT stations, waiting for buses to ferry them to other stations.

Cheeky comment

Amidst the chaos during the period of disruption, Thailand's tourism authority responded to a Singapore Airlines post on Facebook.

The national carrier's Bangkok team had highlighted several aesthetically pleasing and iconic MRT stations in Bangkok.

The aim was to highlight "little known gems" from the staff's home cities.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand however, did not fail to add a cheeky comment in light of the MRT situation in Singapore.

"Thank you Singapore Airlines for your feature! Our trains are running smooth as silk tonight."

Full investigation

Thankfully, train services on all MRT lines resumed by 10:35pm on the night of the breakdown.

The transport operator SMRT stated that train services are running normally a day after the failure, and promised to look into the cause of the incident.

SMRT has since promised a full investigation into the cause behind the insulation fault.

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