Couple who hung raw pork belly slabs outside HDB kitchen window didn't know it wasn't allowed

They cooked and ate it promptly.

Belmont Lay | October 16, 2020, 12:02 AM

A couple in Jurong West, who hung slabs of pork belly to dry outside of their HDB kitchen window, have admitted that they didn't know such a culinary practice was not allowed here.

The wife, 38, told 8World News that she had not known it was not allowed and vowed not to do it again.

Making preserved pork dish

The couple were making Chinese preserved pork at home.

The woman, who was unnamed, said: "The pork was already dry. And there was a windowsill beneath that would prevent any dripping."

"But we live in an HDB block and understand why others wouldn't want their clothes to be dirtied," the woman said.

Made for husband

The meat, the woman said, was for her husband.

He has not been able to get his preserved meat online due to the pandemic disrupting distribution.

So, she made it instead.

The husband and wife experimented making the preserved meat.

How pork went outside

They hung the pork in their kitchen for an entire night.

It was dried with a fan, she said.

As they wanted to make dinner the next day, they had to find another area to hang the pork.

At that instant, they decided to hang the meat from the clothing rack outside their window.

The woman also said both her husband and she were surprised that they were slammed online as they only left the pork outside for less than two hours.

They only found out about the online criticisms when a friend told them about it.

A town council staff then visited the couple and advised them to remove the pork.

By this time they had removed the meat from outside and cooked it

The neighbour's rant was posted on the Facebook page Complaint Singapore on Oct. 11.

It attracted many comments condemning the act as unhygienic and insensitive to Muslim neighbours.

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Top photo via Complaint Singapore & 8 World News