S'pore's Parkroyal Collection Pickering impressed netizens as an 'urban forest' again


Zhangxin Zheng | October 17, 2020, 01:59 AM

Editor's note on Oct. 17: We've edited the article for factual accuracy. The Facebook account is not a verified account of Sir David Attenborough and we have edited relevant parts of the article.

One familiar building was recently featured on one Facebook account named "David Attenborough" on Oct. 16.

While the account has photos of Sir David Attenborough, it is an unverified account.

However, the post about Parkroyal Collection Pickering has garnered over 1,700 shares.

Here it is:

That's Parkroyal Collection Pickering near Chinatown.

With its lush greenery, the user called the building an "urban forest".

The user also claimed that the hotel uses its own waste to produce its own electricity.

In response to Mothership's query, a Parkroyal Collection Pickering spokesperson said that the hotel is not able to convert waste to electricity.

That said, this is not the first time Parkroyal Collection Pickering has won praises from the international community thanks to its gorgeous nature-themed facade.

Four levels of sky gardens at Parkroyal Collection Pickering

Parkroyal Collection Pickering has a total of 15,000m² of sky gardens spanning four levels.

The sky gardens consist of pools, planter terraces, cascading vertical greenery and a two-storey waterfall located on the fifth floor of the hotel.

The hotel has fifty types of plants which include ten species of trees, tall palms, flowering plants, shrubs, and creepers.

The gardens help to cool down the building and hence reduce the amount of energy to power air-conditioners.

For example, the cascading vertical greens cool the west-facing part of the building which can otherwise be pretty warm in the late afternoon.

The roof terrace also helps to reduce the amount of heat absorbed and retained by the upper storey of the building.

Other sustainable features

Parkroyal Collection Pickering harvests rainwater and uses NEWater to irrigate their gardens, resulting in a self-sustaining exterior landscape.

This is also the first sky-garden in Singapore fully powered by solar energy.

The solar energy powers the night lighting and grow lamps which stimulate the growth of the plants in the gardens.

Furthermore, the hotel is built using green construction system in which hollow spherical void formers (a type of structure used in constructing a building's foundation) made of recycled plastics were placed within concrete slabs to reduce the use of concrete.

This construction system improves the energy efficiency of the building.

The spokesperson also added that the hotel is in the midst of installing food digesters.

You can read more about this eco-building here.

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Top image via David Attenborough/Facebook