Netizens impressed with S’pore’s Parkroyal on Pickering’s 15,000m² sky gardens

Pretty garden in the concrete jungle.

Zhangxin Zheng | April 11, 07:55 pm


The lush greenery on the facade of Parkroyal on Pickering definitely leaves a strong impression and netizens are impressed.

Photo from @bennytgh

Hotel in a garden

Parkroyal on Pickering was designed as a “hotel in a garden”. It has 15,000m² of sky gardens spanning four levels.

The sky gardens consist of pools, planter terraces, cascading vertical greenery and a two-storey waterfall located on the fifth floor of the hotel.

The hotel has fifty types of plants which include ten species of trees, tall palms, flowering plants, shrubs, and creepers.

Colourful cabanas inspired by songbird cages were also added for guests to rest and relax, creating a more inviting atmosphere in the gardens.

Won praises online

This unique architecture has impressed many online viewers after being featured on a few Facebook pages:

Here are some examples of what netizens said:

Screenshot from Reddit.

Screenshot from Reddit.

Screenshot from Reddit.
Screenshot from Architecture & Design Facebook comment section.
Screenshot from Architecture & Design Facebook comment section.

While most raved about Parkroyal on Pickering’s unique greenery, the irony of recreating nature in a man-made building was not lost on others:

Screenshot from Architecture & Design Facebook comment section.
Screenshot from Architecture & Design Facebook comment section.

Sustainable efforts

Parkroyal on Pickering’s sky gardens do not only serve as a pretty exterior.

The gardens also help the hotel conserve energy.

For example, the cascading vertical greens cool the west-facing part of the building which can otherwise be pretty warm in the late afternoon.

This also helps the hotel reduce the amount of energy needed to cool the west-facing rooms.

The roof terrace also helps to reduce the amount of heat absorbed and retained by the upper storey of the building.

Parkroyal on Pickering harvests rainwater and uses NEWater to irrigate their gardens, resulting in a self-sustaining exterior landscape.

Other interesting sustainable efforts include maximising natural daylight that enters the building and reducing the amount of concrete used by replacing parts of it with environmentally friendly recycled plastic.

Here are more beautiful photos of the hotel:

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