S'porean & Taiwanese stars pay tribute to Xiao Gui, 36


Mandy How | September 16, 2020, 06:58 PM

Taiwanese actor and host Alien Huang, popularly known as Xiao Gui, died on Sep. 16.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the 36-year-old had likely met a sudden death in his bathroom at home, where he fell and hit his head in the process.

Several overseas media outlets also reported that Huang had also suffered a heart attack.

He was later discovered by his father, but had already passed on by then.

Since news of his abrupt death spread, celebrities from both Taiwan and Singapore have paid tribute to Huang.

Michelle Chong

"Hard to believe [you're gone]. 'You will forever be the first male lead in my life.' Have a good journey. #RIP"

Huang was the male lead in Chong's 2011 comedy film, "Already Famous".

She was the director and female lead.

Andie Chen

"We said we'd walk to the end together 💔"

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Kate Pang

"Missed each other for the last time. We'll meet in the next life.

"We'll love you forever. @aes_alien"

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錯過了最後一面,咱們下輩子見。 - 我們永遠愛你。 @aes_alien - #小鬼叔叔 #鬼哥 #916這天也太多淚水

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Chew Chor Meng

"I will never hear you call me dad again 🙏"

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Huang had acted in Channel 8 drama "Joys of Life" with Chen, Pang, and Chew.

Show Luo

"How could this happen...."

Janet Hsieh

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Not again 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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Jam Hsiao

Hsiao did not write a caption.

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Aaron Yan

"[Xiao] Gui, apologies for not meeting you more often, but thank you for taking care of me and Gui Gui on the set of 'Mysterious Incredible Terminator.'"

Rainie Yang

Yang thanked everyone for their concern and acknowledged that she was not feeling okay.

The singer went on to say good things about Huang as an artiste, and added that she was lucky to have met him.

She dedicated the last paragraph to address Huang directly, saying that he will continue to accompany them in different forms.

"Losing you is a pity. It's hard to let go."

But we didn't leave behind a single shred of regret."

Li Ronghao

"I really can't bring myself to believe it. Such a good person. Friend, have a good journey."

Little S (Dee Hsu)

"My heart aches!"

Cyndi Wang

"Very upset. Very difficult to accept. R.I.P."

Top image via Michelle Chong, Chew Chor Meng