Newton hits 21°C, Pasir Panjang whipped by 66.7kmh winds as rain falls islandwide from 3am

Many would have shuddered in their slumber.

Belmont Lay | September 16, 2020, 04:42 AM

People in central and southern Singapore fast asleep at 4am on Wednesday, Sep. 16, might have sniffled and shuddered a little in bed.

Started raining heavily from 3am

After the skies opened up after 2am over some parts of Singapore, temperatures plunged to a chilly 21°C in Newton, and winds of up to 66.7kmh lashed Pasir Panjang.

Rainfall intensified from 3am.

The highest amount of precipitation fell on Queenstown:

The eastern part of Singapore was relatively warm just after midnight, but temperatures fell to 22°C within a matter of hours:

Windy conditions in the south

The windy conditions subsided after more than an hour but still clocked 44.8kmh at Pasir Panjang just before 4am.

Rainfall was heaviest in the central region of Singapore.

Wet weather since weekend

The wet weather has persisted since Saturday, Sep. 12 until Monday, Sep. 14, with some respite from the rain on Tuesday.

Foggy conditions over many parts of Singapore was observed during and after periods of intense rainfall.


From 6am till noon, light rain is expected all over the island on Wednesday.

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All photos via Meteorological Service Singapore