M'sian dad & mom in S'pore reunite with newborn baby for first time after 6 months due to Covid-19 lockdown

Just in time for Mid-Autumn Festival.

Ashley Tan | September 27, 2020, 06:31 PM

The Covid-19 pandemic has been tough for everyone, even more so for those who are separated from their families as a result of working abroad.

Several families from Malaysia, however, had a rather joyful reunion with their children on Sep. 26, after months of not seeing one another.

Families separated

Malaysian politician and Johor State Executive Councillor Liow Cai Tung documented the reunions in a Facebook post.

Liow shared that the parents collectively had been separated from their nine children for several months, as they had been working in Singapore.

Typically, these parents would cross the Causeway every weekend to return home, but with Covid-19 and Malaysia's Movement Control Order, travel between the countries has been almost completely impeded.

The children, who live in various parts of Malaysia such as Pahang, Selangor, Johor, Ipoh, have been cared for by relatives in the meantime.

Both child and parent have merely been communicating via mobile phone and Zoom calls.

Tearful reunions

With the help of the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore and the Immigration Department of Malaysia, the reunion for the eight families was made possible, and right in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

ICA arranged transport for the children, who are aged six months to four years old, and officers even helped them carry their luggage at the checkpoint.

Photo from Liow Cai Tung / FB

Over five hours, the nine children reunited with their parents in batches.

Which led to some rather touching scenes.

Photo from Liow Cai Tung / FB

Photo from Liow Cai Tung / FB

Photo from Liow Cai Tung / FB

Watched their child grow up over video calls

Liow recounted a story whereby one of the parents had to rush back to Singapore to work a mere three days after his baby was born.

Shortly after, his mother also headed to Singapore when her maternity leave ended, leaving the baby in the care of an aunt.

Although they planned to return every week, their plans were halted when the lockdown was imposed.

And as the lockdown was subsequently extended each time, they watched their baby grow up virtually.

Now, their child is nearly six months old.

Photo from Liow Cai Tung / FB

Liow expressed her happiness that the families were reunited successfully, and even posted photos the parents had sent her of the families back together at home.

Photo from Liow Cai Tung / FB


Currently, cross-border travel between Malaysia and Singapore is allowed for those travelling for work.

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Top photo from Liow Cai Tung / FB