S'poreans allowed to enter M'sia for work under new reciprocal scheme

There is currently no news when daily cross-border travel will resume.

Darryl Laiu | August 01, 2020, 10:20 PM

Detailed information on the schemes for cross-border travel between Singapore and Malaysia are now online.

It was announced earlier in late July that there will be two schemes — the Periodic Commuting Arrangement (PCA) and the Reciprocal Green Lane (RGL) — in place to facilitate cross-border travel between Singapore and Malaysia.

Eligibility for application for PCA

Singapore employers will have to apply for the PCA on behalf of their employees.

Their employees are eligible for the scheme if they are a Malaysian citizen or permanent resident, they hold long-term passes for work in Singapore, and if they are willing to spend at least 90 days in Singapore for work upon entry.

It is only applicable for travel via the land border crossings.

Employers can apply for the pass up to 60 days in advance of their employees entry into Singapore.

Health measures

Employers will have to pay for their employees' Covid-19 swab test.

Only after this payment is made will the applications for the PCA be processed.

Prior to entry into Singapore, employees will have to fill out an electronic Health Declaration Card.

They will also have to download TraceTogether, Homer, and WhatsApp on their phones.

Once in Singapore, employees will have to take personal transport, private buses that only ferry Malaysian passengers required to serve a Stay Home Notice (SHN), or taxis and private hire cars, directly from the immigration checkpoint to the declared SHN accommodation.

All employees must serve at least seven days SHN once in Singapore.

Within this SHN period, the employee will have to go to a designated testing facility on an assigned date and appointment time.

Throughout the employee's stay in Singapore, they will also be required to report their temperature three times a day through the Homer app.

Full details on the PCA can be found here.

The Malaysian regulations for Singaporeans travelling into Malaysia are generally similar, but the full details can be found here.

Waiver of Stay-Home Notice

Singapore citizens and PRs can apply for a waiver of their SHN when returning back to Singapore for home leave, after working for at least 90 days in Malaysia.

In lieu of a SHN, the returnee will have to do a swab test upon arrival at the checkpoint, at their own cost.

The returnee will then have to self-isolate at their residence until a negative swab test result is conveyed to the returnee.

Returnees who do not apply for a SHN waiver will be subjected to the usual public health measures for Singaporeans and PRs returning from abroad.

Returnees will have to apply at least seven days before the entry date.

They can apply for the waiver here.

Reciprocal Green Lane

Singapore and Malaysia have also agreed to implement the RGL to facilitate essential travel of up to 14 days.

It is only applicable for travel between airports in Singapore and Malaysia that have non-stop flight routes, and land checkpoints.

A sponsoring business or government agency in Malaysia will have to apply on behalf of a traveller if they wish to make the trip.

The traveller will need to take a swab test within 72 hours before departure.

The sponsor will have to provide the traveller's certificate of having tested negative to apply for the pass.

The traveller will need to take a swab test upon arrival as well.

They will have to remain in the declared accommodation until the swab results return negative.

Full details for Singaporeans entering Malaysia can be found here.

Top photo by Andrew Koay.