Real-life Mr Bean car with S'pore flag spotted near NDP mobile column

Teddy not included.

Fasiha Nazren | August 09, 2020, 04:17 PM

If you grew up watching the British sitcom Mr Bean, you would remember his iconic small green car.

You'd be pretty pleased to know that a similar-looking car exists in Singapore as well.

Mr Bean's car

Just as the mobile column was doing its rounds all over Singapore today (Aug. 9), a car that looks much like Mr Bean's car was spotted on the road complete with a Singapore flag.

As it turns out, this Austin Mini belongs to classic car collector Clarence Tan, who also owns the real-life Mystery Machine from the Scooby-Doo series.

In a Facebook post, he shared that he was glad to have witnessed the National Day Parade's mobile column from the other side of the road.

Photo from Tan Junming Clarence's Facebook page.

He also cheekily added that Leopard Tanks and Mini cars do not mix, a reference to an episode from the Mr Bean series where his car was crushed by an army tank during a demonstration at a school's open day.

Photo from Tan Junming Clarence's Facebook page.

You can find his Facebook post here:

Car named Beanie

Tan also documents his Mini's journey through the Facebook page "A Mini Named Beanie".

This includes the time when he managed to change the vehicle registration number to be similar as Mr Bean's car (which was SLW287R, by the way).


Top image from Tan Junming Clarence's Facebook page.