DIY White Rabbit milk tea available at FairPrice Finest for S$2.15, comes in White Peach Oolong, Sea Salt & Cheese & more


Mabel Wong| June 29, 2020, 03:25 PM

White Rabbit candy has reinvented itself in many different forms, such as milk, ice cream, and even lip balm.

Now, it is also a DIY milk tea drink, available at FairPrice Finest stores.

Photo from Yi Tsing.

Four different flavours

The White Rabbit drinks come in four different flavours, which are:

  • Milk Tea
  • White Peach Oolong Tea
  • Sea Salt and Cheese
  • Genki Black Tea

All four flavours cost S$2.15 each.

What's inside?

The ingredients come in individual satchels within the cup.

Photo from Yi Tsing.

For the Milk Tea drink, the cup contains:

  • Milk powder
  • Condensed milk
  • Nata de coco
  • Red beans
  • A straw

Photo from Yi Tsing.

Instructions on how to prepare the drinks are also printed on the side of the cup.

Photo from Yi Tsing.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Add the nata de coco, red bean, and milk tea powder into the cup
  2. Add your desired amount of condensed milk into the cup
  3. Pour in hot water at a temperature above 85°C
  4. Stir for 10-15 seconds and enjoy

How does it taste?

If you're wondering how it tastes, it's basically sweet milk tea.

Photo from Yi Tsing.

There isn't much of the classic White Rabbit candy flavour though, but the tea aroma is still present.

Overall, it's a nice drink to get if you don't want to face the long bubble tea queues.

Or if you're bored at home.

Top images from Yi Tsing.